Writing Portfolio

Check out my Contently page here: https://emilylewis.contently.com/

Discover Blog’s Citizen Science Salon

Bring asteroids to life with NASA’s Target Asteroids! project (5/13/2014)

Train to be an energy pioneer with NOVA Energy Lab (4/18/2014)

Inside Science

Could Sugar Power Cell Phones Of The Future? (2/28/2014) – Featured on Live Science and Physics Central’s Buzz Blog

SciStarter Blog

Learn how climate change affects plant life with AMC Mountain Watch (5/19/2014)Featured on PLoS Blogs

Can Words Trigger a Response from Your Senses? Find Out with the Investigating Word Modalities Project (1/21/14)

Monarch Monitoring – Help Count These Magnificent Migrators to Aid Conservation Efforts (12/1/13) – Featured on PLoS Blogs

Go Lurking in the Dark – Help Scientists Measure Light Pollution with Dark Sky Meter (10/13/2013)

Playing Games for the Cure – Become a NanoDoc and Help Bioengineers Design New Nanomedicine (10/3/2013)

From the Redwoods Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters: Mapping Redwoods Helps Conservation Efforts (9/16/2013)

Stop, Collaborate and…Vote! Help solve climate change with MIT’s Climate CoLab Project (8/28/2013)

Materials360 Online (Materials Research Society)

Self-Sustaining Solar-Microbial Cell Generates Hydrogen from Wastewater (11/8/2013)

New Oxygen Electrocatalysts Enable High-Performance Zinc-Air Batteries (7/18/2013)

Light Induces Reduction of Copper Catalyst under Steady-State Conditions (5/14/2013)

Low-Cost Molybdenum Carbide Catalysts Rival Platinum for Hydrogen Evolution (3/12/2013)

Low-Drag, Self-Cleaning Surface Designed from Mimicking Butterfly Wing and Rice Leaf Surface Structures (12/18/2012)

Homogeneous Catalyst Principles Inform Selective Heterogeneous Catalyst Design (10/30/2012)

Nanoporous Gold Investigation Reveals Possible Active Site for Gold Catalysis (8/28/2012)

Non-noble Metal Nanosheet Catalysts ‘Stack Up’ Against Pt for Hydrogen Production (7/20/2012)

Selective Carbon Dioxide Capture by a New Class of Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Frameworks (7/17/2012)

The Nucleus (Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society) 

My ACS Congressional Fellowship, Oct. 2015, Vol. XCIV, No. 2.

My German Exchange ExperienceNov. 2012, Vol. XCI, No. 3.

NSYCC Hosts Event at Harpoon Brewery, Summer 2012, Vol. XC, No. 10.

MRS Bulletin (Materials Research Society)

Single Atoms Imaged In Situ with Environmental STEM, Sept. 2013, Vol. 38, No. 9.

Meeting Scene Newsletter (Materials Research Society)

2013 MRS-JSAP Joint Symposium – Day 1-4 (9/16-9/19/2013) with Tim Palucka

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